Thursday, November 23, 2006

Casino Royale (2006)

I've just watched the latest James Bond movie, The Casino Royale. Kekeke....need awhile to adjust to the fact that the new James Bond is a blondie. While I must say the new boy Daniel Craig looks much more tougher, charming and stylish than the previous Bond; Pierce Brosnan, I still feel that Daniel Craig lacks the charisma or the X factor to be an ideal Bond. Or maybe because Sean Connery sets the bar too high!

Oh well, I wouldn't say this is the best Bond movie, it is still a very enjoyable movie. There is a very cool chasing-after-the-villain scene, plus lots of poker playing. I thought all those was awesome, but the lack of cool gadgets, Q, crazy car chases, cheesy one liners (there were a few but not much), and the Bond theme playing not until the end credits definitely took a lot out of it. And as usual there are a lot of love scenes and kissing as well, but our lovely and protective government make sure all of 'em are censored from our innocent eyes!

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical back when the movie was first announced, however, I do enjoyed this one.
The different approach to the series was very nice to see, as the past few entires have basically been all the same, with near-impossible stuff occuring in them, which just made the movies laughable. I like this one because it was more realistic, to an extent. It brought new life into the series, which had become a little too cliche as of late.

Anyway, for all those Bond's fans out there, you have a chance to be upclose and personal with Daniel Craig himself. Just tune in to the Ticket's Moviedate on Wednesday, 22nd Nov, 8pm. If you are lucky, you could win a trip for 2 to Sydney to see Casino Royale Premiere together with Daniel Craig and the rest of the stars (Eva Green is hot!!).

My Rating: 75/100