Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Guardian

Been wanting to watch Night at The Museum for weeks liau, so planned to watch it that night. But somewhat unsurprisingly, tickets for the show all sold out. At first I was pretty disappointed, as there wasn't really any good alternatives to choose from. There were a number of those typical Asian horror flicks, and a couple of Malay movies as well.

Then I saw the title "The Guardian", and I immediately thought of what my friend, Gillian told me a few days before about the show. She said the show is very nice, very moving and meaningful. I was pretty skeptical bout it as I'm certainly not a big fan of Ashton Kutcher, or even the evergreen Kevin Costner. Some of their previous below-par movies left a bad taste for me. And I'm also not fond of rescue flicks and anything that have to do with the ocean (think Perfect Storm, Waterworld and Deep Blue Sea).

But oh what the heck I thought, watching this show is certainly a much better option than watching Cicak-Man (no disrespect to the local movie industry) , or watching those horror flicks (I'm currently abstaining myself from horror movies due to what perceived as spiritual attacks), or even re-watch Curse of the Golden Flower or Confession of Pain.

* The movie's 2 main characters, teacher Ben Randall (K.Costner), and student Jake Fischer (A.Kutcher)

And guess what? Turns out The Guardian is very much a gem I would say. The acting is convincing (yes, even Ashton Kutcher's), the action/rescue scenes are intense and realistic, and the funny scenes are, well, funny! The storyline is pretty predictable some might say, but somehow you will be glued to your chair, wanting more of it.

* One of the many rescue scenes. Look at the bodies floating around the rescue swimmer (Kevin Costner)

In this movie, you will see how boys learn to be men, how people learn to cope with traumatic moments in their lives, how boys falling in love (and falling out) with girls, how men valiantly trying to save others, and sacrificing one self for others.

* Melissa Sagemiller, acting as Ashton's love interest in this movie.

Well, I wouldn't wanna spoils it all by telling you everything or even the ending of this movie. Do trust me, please do go and watch it. Chances are you'll be lovin' it as much as I do!

P/S: The US Coast Guard rescue swimmers' motto reminds me alot of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for all of us. The motto is "So Others May Live".

Starring: Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher, Sela Ward, Melissa Sagemiller
Director: Andrew Davis
Genre: Action-Drama

Tai Jor Lah's rating: 78/100

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