Monday, August 20, 2007

The Simpsons Movie (2007)

One of the movie that I have anticipated the most, as I am one big The Simpsons' fan. So lo and behold, I went with a couple of friends last Friday to the Golden Village Cinemas (GSC) at Midvalley Megamall. After avoiding the looooooong queue at the box office by purchasing tickets online, we gingerly made our way into Hall 17 at about 11:20pm.

I have chosen 3 seats on the last row (furthest from the screen) to avoid the nightmare of seats being kick for 90 minutes from the back. But as soon as I sat on our seats, I almost immediately can smell something funny. To our horror, after about 30 minutes into the movie, our backs started to be itchy. Yucks!! GSC management, if you happen to be reading this review, please get your underpaid and overworked Bangladeshis to wash those darn dirty and smelly seats!!

Ok sorry for diverting so far, back to the movie itself now. I have to admit, the first 5 minutes of the show was way below my high expectation. I thought some of the jokes were pretty lame and lack the grand entry scene that I was hoping for. Oh at the beginning, Homer sarcastically took a jibe of us for paying to watch what we can get for free on TV!!

But after the minor hiccup, the rest of the movie was a bliss, thank goodness. This movie is basically a extended episode of The Simpsons that we have grew familiar with on TV. You got a full 87 minutes of the usual satire jokes, about almost everything under the sun. From politics, Hillary Clinton was the running mate for THE mouse (from the movie within the movie, Itchy & Scratchy Show) in a presidential campaign; to environmental issues ala-Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth.

One particular scene that I reckon is the funniest in the whole movie was when Bart Simpson skateboarding in the nude. Totally cracked me up, as disturbing the scene might be.

I am not going to tell you more about the movie's many scenes or the plot, as it will throw away the element of surprise and spontaneity.

I truly enjoyed the movie, although I have a feeling that this movie will appeal more to Simpsons' fans as compared to other movie-goers. So if you don't like the TV show version, my advise is you might want to avoid this as well. Turning a TV hit-show into a full-length movie is not an easy endeavour, but I thought the director, David Silverman and the team done it darn well.

Oh, do stick around after the credits for some extras. Just ignore those cleaners walking around you. Kekeke...enjoy!

Starring: (voices) Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Harry Shearer, Hank Azaria, Marcia Wallace, Pamela Hayden, Joe Mantegna, Albert Brooks, Tom Hanks Director: David Silverman Genre: Comedy, Animation Running time: 87 minutes
Official Website:

Tai Jor Lah's rating: 82/100 (Simpson's fan's biased rating)


Bernsy said...

unfortunately for me, I haven't watched it yet... looking to this movie also but nowadays, like not enuff cinemas, always kenot get tickets.. cis

Lajuana said...

Thanks for writing this.